Technical Sergeant 3d Grade Delbert Edwin Rogers

Technical Sergeant 3d Grade Delbert Edwin Rogers, deceased, Monticello, United States Army, World War II. Some of he was awards include the Distinguished Service Medal for his exceptional service in his duty, the Silver Star for gallantry in action, and Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious combat achievement. While assigned as a Company Scout with the 2nd Squadron, 7th Regiment, official nickname “Gary Owen,” 1st Calvary Division, he was awarded the Silver Star and the narrative reads.

“Private Delbert Rogers, Cavalry, United States Army, for gallantry in action at Luzon Island, Philippine Islands, on 29 April 1945. Private Roger's patrol moving along the bank of a river, was ambushed by an undetermined number of Japanese armed with automatic weapons and rifles. The initial burst of fire so seriously wounded one of the men that he was helpless to move, and the remainder of the six man patrol took cover behind a twelve inch rice paddy dike which was the only available protection and route of escape. By taking advantage of the cover of the river bank and protective fire from their automatic weapons, the enemy attacked and reached a position ten yards from the dike. Realizing the perilous situation Private Rogers unhesitatingly and at the risk of his life, stood in a fully exposed position with two other companions and rapidly poured heavy rifle and grenade fire on the enemy lying behind the river bank, killing three and forcing the remainder to flee. He then went to assist the rest of the patrol, who during the brief counterattack had succeeded in dragging and carrying the wounded man partially across the rice paddy to a position of safety. His conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty saved a wounded comrade from certain death, prevented heavy casualties from being inflicted on the patrol, and accounted for several enemy dead.”