Nominate your veteran for the class of 2017 by submitting a nomination packet which is found here.


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Nomination Packet


Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Nomination Package consist of two parts. The first part is the Nomination Criteria & Guidelines, and the second part is the Nomination Form. Both parts must be downloaded in order to have a complete Nomination Package.


Deadline: All packets must be postmarked by 31 August of the current year.




Download Nomination Packet:


Part One: Nomination Criteria-and-Guidelines


Part Two: Nomination-Form



Military Ribbons Chart in Order of Precedence




Nominations: The Arkansas Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame, Inc. (AMVHOF) has established two categories of veterans for entry into the AMVHOF:


a. Category #1: For the military accomplishments of a veteran, e.g., receiving the Medal of Honor or for significant achievements during their military career (see Guidelines for Category #1 in Para 3. below).


b. Category #2: For those who have honorably served in the US Armed Forces, and then contributed exceptionally to community, state, and/or nation. (See Guidelines for Category #2 in Para 4. below).




a. Eligibility: The nominee must have either been born in Arkansas, entered military service from Arkansas, or lived in Arkansas for a minimum of eight years. Additionally, he /she must have received an honorable discharge from U.S. Military service, be of good character; and have no felony convictions. Posthumous nominations are accepted.


b. NON-Eligibility: To preclude conflict of interest or the appearance thereof, AMVHOF Executive Board members, employees of the AMVHOF including members of AMVHOF Special Selection Committee (SSC), are NOT eligible for consideration for selection to the AMVHOF until three (3) years after they have ceased service therewith.


c. Letters that simply recommend the nominee for inclusion will not be considered. The deadline for submitting or mailing the Nomination Package is the last day in August of the current year.


d. Multiple nominations for a single individual are discouraged.



Veterans or their relatives may request the veteran’s military records, ie… Discharge Orders (DD Form 214, Report of Separation or SF Form 180, Military Record Requests)and their decorations by going to the websites or